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Gift Certificate AK Muzzle Brake Crush Washer Barrel Rail System
Barrel Rail System
Our Price: $19.99
Purchase a gift certificate for the amount of your choosing! New. AK muzzle brake crush washer. Used for muzzle brakes on many AK pistol variants. Will fit a wide variety of barrels. Allows you to easily mount tactical gear. New.
M70 Barrel VZ-58 Barrel US Made AK-74 Barrel (no gas port hole)
M70 Barrel
Our Price: $39.99
VZ-58 Barrel
Our Price: $89.99
USED. SOLD AS IS. Original Barrel for M70 Yugo AK. USED CONDITION. SOLD AS IS. Original VZ-58 barrel. US made 5.45 AK-74 barrel. Gas port hole is not drilled all the way through. In the white.
US Made AK-74 Barrel With Gas Port Hole 16" NITRIDED AKM BARRELS AKM Barrell
Our Price: $99.99
AKM Barrell
Our Price: $169.99
5.45 AK-74 barrel. In the white. Gas port is drilled all the way. 16" NITRIDED AKM BARREL US made AKM Barrel. Will work for most stamped receiver variants. Modeled after the original Russian AK-47 barrels, but made for stamped AKM. Will not work on Yugo or Chinese AK's. Chrome lined
Draco Barrel US Made Polish Tantal Barrel
Draco Barrel
Our Price: $169.99
Draco Barrel USA made chrome lined barrel for POLISH TANTAL 5.45 caliber rifle.