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Gift Certificate AK-47 US Made 7.62x39mm, 16.25" Barrel for Milled Receiver VZ-58 Barrel
VZ-58 Barrel
Our Price: $89.99
Purchase a gift certificate for the amount of your choosing!

US Manufactured barrel for Milled Receiver AK-47 Rifles. Barrels are 16.25" overall length, chambered in 7.62x39mm.

These are unfinished "In The White". Barrels are not chrome lined. No handguard retainer cuts.
Barrel has the journals and extractor cut. Journals may need adjustment depending on parts being applied.

These barrels are designed for Bulgarian, Polish and other pattern MILLED AK receivers.

For Milled-Style Receivers ONLY.

USED CONDITION. SOLD AS IS. Original VZ-58 barrel.
US Made AK-74 Barrel US Made AK-74 Barrel With Gas Port Hole AK 9.75" 7.62x39 Barrel
AK 9.75" 7.62x39 Barrel
Our Price: $129.99
US made 5.45 AK-74 barrel. (pilot hole drilled for gas block) In the white.
Russian/Bulgarian style.
Trunnion Journal: .866
FSB Journal: .571
RSB Journal: .743
5.45 AK-74 barrel. In the white. Gas port is drilled all the way.
Russian/Bulgarian style.
Trunnion Journal: .865
FSB Journal: .569
RSB Journal: .716
1:10 Twist.
Gas port is drilled.
Draco Barrel US Made Polish Tantal Barrel
Draco Barrel
Our Price: $169.99
Draco Barrel USA made chrome lined barrel for POLISH TANTAL 5.45 caliber rifle.